The Directors Choice

Production Services

  • Provide a Venue for Directors and Production Companies to view our Dog Talent
  • Provide "The Best" Dog Talent options to make Your Production a Success
  • Coordinate your Dog Talent requests for your Production requirements
  • Provide Professional Wranglers and Dog Trainers for your Production
  • Ensure, and Provide for the Care and Safety of all Dogs while "on set"

Dog Talent Agency

  • Complete Dog Talent Assessments
  • Provide Professional
    Dog Training "Set Ready" classes
  • Provide Dog Talent Marketing and Representation
  • Coordinate Dog Talent Production Requests with You
  • Ensure, and Provide for the Care and Safety of all Dogs while "on set"

We are a professional business providing professional services to our dog talent, and production companies, for entertainment, and educational purposes.

Reel Dog Agency seeks out "local" dog talent from the San Francisco, and Bay Area to meet the requests from directors, and producers requiring dogs for their photo, video, commercial, or movie productions.

We provide the marketing to put your talented dog in a media production. We meet the production companies product needs by providing the requested dog talent, and the result gives you a media product that your dog performed in. A keepsake for life, you can show all your friends, and family.

Our Services

Welcome San Francisco Bay Area Dog Talent!